Cosmetic Tooth Whitening

Dentistry for Special Occasions

Have a Whiter, Brighter Smile When
it Matters Most

There are so many reasons why patients like you come to us for teeth whitening in Cedarburg that it makes us feel like sometimes we want to change our name to “Straub Dentistry for Special Occasions.” We’ve helped hundreds of people get the actual whitening results they’ve been looking for but have been unable to achieve on their own with at-home or non-prescription strength products. In as little as one treatment, your teeth will be lighter and brighter, and we also find that your self-esteem follows suit. Teeth whitening in Cedarburg is your way of feeling a little more luxurious.

Zoom! Your Way Whitening Perfection

It’s hard to talk about dentistry for special occasions or teeth whitening in Cedarburg and not talk about Zoom! In-office whitening. It has become the most common, go-to treatment because of how consistently pleased patients are with their results. We prefer this method to all other in-office offerings, considering it to be the best option for effective teeth whitening in Cedarburg. Zoom! Uses a UV light to help counteract and remove stains with the help of a specially formulated whitening gel. The process is extremely safe and effective.

Get NiteWhite® At Home Alone

NiteWhite® is a take-home gel you can only get from Dr. Staub that’s specially formulated for nighttime use. Patients love having the option of at-home teeth whitening in Cedarburg that actually produces the brilliant results you’ve been trying to achieve for years. At-home NiteWhite® is very easy to use, convenient, and comfortable. It’s also loved by our patients for having minimized sensitivity, lasting effects, cost-effectiveness, and less time spent undergoing treatment.

Experience the Results You’ve Always Wanted

There’s no doubt about the vast benefits that come as a result of your teeth whitening experience. In as little as one hour, you can get the results you might have been wishing for or even trying to achieve at home without success. The results are generally long-lasting with the right kind of care and maintenance. Forget about the one-size-fits-all approach from the store, we customize your whitening preferences for a more versatile, personal whitening.

Make your special occasion brighter with a whiter smile — today!