Dear friends, my team and I work very ha

added on: May 19, 2022

Dear Friends,

My team and I work very hard to improve the lives of our patients. Dentistry allows us this opportunity and we welcome it with open arms. I get up every morning with the purpose of impacting lives in a positive way and am always looking for additional ways to do this.

You will see that I will be increasing my practice’s online footprint with increased social media activity. This is another way that I can add value to the lives of those around me. My vision is to provide interesting information on dental health and overall health. In addition, I may share stories and messages that inspire me with the hope that they can add motivation to your life as well. What I promise not to do is inundate you with messages about what I had for lunch or other nonsense.

You can find me at:
Twitter: @straubdentistry

Also please visit my website at and subscribe to our email newsletter.

I appreciate your loyalty and friendship. If you have ideas of topics you would like to see me address, please share those with me.

Barrett D. Straub, DDS.

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