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Progressive Dental Services in Port Washington

For Next-Level Advanced Dentistry

When advanced dentistry meets artistry meets anxiety-free, there are so many distinct possibilities a patient can experience. This is what we pride ourselves on and ensure we provide through our comprehensive selection of dental services in Port Washington that can take your family’s dental care to a whole new level you never thought possible.

What are your goals for your oral and overall health? Are you ready to partner with someone who can create a custom treatment plan based on your unique needs, with treatment at a speed or pace that’s entirely your call? We’re your partner, not your boss.

Our Dental Services

Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry

Missing teeth are easily fixed with implant dentistry. We can replace a single tooth or even multiple teeth with durable dental implants that are truly the best replacement for your natural teeth. Implant dentistry has been improving smiles and increasing confidence for years. Isn’t it your turn?

Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you tired of your teeth? More importantly, of their imperfections? From chips and cracks to even more in-depth, advanced dentistry, we have the solution for your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is more available and affordable than you might think. We want to talk to you! Schedule your FREE smile analysis today.

Restorative Dentistry

Some of our most widely relied on dental services in Port Washington are what we offer to you for restorative dentistry. You can enjoy tooth-colored fillings, partials, dentures, and more that are all carefully designed and customized to revitalize your oral and overall health. There is so much to love and learn.

General Dentistry

This is where we get to see you and your smile every six months for a friendly smile check-in and check-up. Some of our general dentistry offerings include everything from soothing dental hygiene cleanings to comprehensive exams and periodontal or gum health maintenance. There are so many benefits for you and your smile.


Invisalign® in Port Washington is more powerful than ever. Patients are realizing that this form of clear aligner therapy lives up to the hype by producing life-changing, smile-straightening results that you have to see to believe. If you’ve been thinking about Invisalign®, stop. Call us and start the conversation!

Sedation Dentistry

We’re not shy saying we have a reliable reputation of providing soothing, safe sedation dentistry in Port Washington. In a world where there is so much help available, we think it’s unrealistic to not discuss dental anxiety.

Your search for advanced dentistry stops here, today.