Sedation Dentistry

Never Feel Afraid With Sedation Dentistry in Port Washington

Welcome to a New Reality for Dental Anxiety

Do you have an overwhelming fear of the dentist? Does considering going in for your regular cleanings seem like an impossible task? When you’re in the dental chair, does your gag reflex make it difficult to sit still for even the simplest dental routine?

We’re not shy about saying we have a reputation for providing soothing, safe sedation dentistry options in Port Washington to help you get past these fears and discomforts. In a world where there is so much help available, we think it’s unrealistic to not discuss dental anxiety. Let’s all be honest, it’s one, (if not the biggest) reason why people avoid taking care of their teeth.

Relax, and know that we make it easy to take that difficult first step of scheduling your first appointment where we can just talk — for FREE, with no dental anxiety. Instead of a consultation, we invite you to schedule your complimentary conversation where we just talk options.

Sedation Dental Services

Oral Sedation

Put Your Dental Anxiety to Rest

Dr. Barrett Straub really does believe in relieving dental anxiety and fear. He knows your feelings are very real and should never be demeaned or diminished. Relax during your visit with sedation dentistry in Port Washington that’s proven effective and safe. With oral sedation, there are no needles involved. You get a prescription pill that you take prior to your visit for up to six hours of complete comfort. You probably won’t have too much memory of the procedure or recollection of what happened, however, you’re still awake and responsive. You’ll be able to listen and respond to Dr. Straub and the team, but without the worry of focusing on the treatment being performed.

IV Sedation

Advanced Sedation Options In Port Washington

It breaks our hearts as dental providers when our patients delay their much-needed care due to dental anxiety, especially because we know how safe and effective sedation dentistry in Port Washington can be. We’ve seen it save smiles, as well as lives, by helping patients overcome the overwhelming fear of seeing the dentist or having dental work done. One of the options you have to choose from to alleviate intense dental anxiety is intravenous or IV sedation. Anti-anxiety medication is administered through your bloodstream, causing you to feel at peace.

Nitrous Oxide

Simple Sedation Dentistry for Everyone

Sedation dentists like Dr. Straub have been relying on nitrous oxide for years. There are so many reasons why dentists and patients alike choose this form of relaxation in the dental chair. It’s easy to increase or decrease the amount of gas that we administer to you, so your treatment is comfortable and completely customized for you. Nitrous oxide gas is very safe for your brain, heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys. It also works well for patients of all ages because the effects are mild and wear off instantly.

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