Tooth-Colored Fillings

Changing Everything About Dental Hygiene

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings in Port Washington

You brushed your teeth every day. You kept up with your dental hygiene appointments. You tried to avoid sugary sweets and crunchy snacks. However, life happens and sometimes it has to be dental fillings in Port Washington to the rescue. When your oral health has a few problems like cavities and early decay, it’s important to address them early and quickly before they turn into something more costly. Tooth-colored fillings are certainly the solution you’ll want to discuss with Dr. Straub and his team. One consultation and conversation with us is all it takes to learn more.

You Can See the Benefits

Do you have molars with silver or amalgam fillings? Have they started to darken or turn completely black over time? Is your smile (and your confidence) not its best because of it? Tooth-colored fillings are your best solutions to replace discolored and potentially harmful metal fillings. They:

  • Match the exact color of your existing teeth
  • Provide added strength and durability
  • Last longer than ever before

Make today the day you schedule a simple consultation with Straub Dentistry. We have special intraoral technology and digital x-rays that will help us and you see exactly what you need to be healthy.

You Can Feel Your Best

Take a minute and try to see beyond dental fillings in Port Washington, when coupled with routine dental hygiene you and your family should be able to have the positive experience of strong oral health. When you take care of your teeth, it’s a gift to yourself that will keep on giving throughout what should be an entire lifetime. Don’t let cavities and decay win. Come to see Dr. Straub and have a conversation about where you’d like your oral health to be and what you’d like to see happen for your smile.

Schedule your dental hygiene visit — today! It’s easy.