Detecting Oral Cancer Early

With ViziLite Dental Technology in Port Washington

It’s time you heard about our ViziLite oral cancer screening tool and our next-level advanced dentistry. If you’ve never heard of this state-of-the-art dental technology in Port Washington, we want you to listen up because it could just save your life one day. We rely on ViziLite to help identify abnormal cells along the mucus membranes in your mouth, throat, lips, etc. We encourage every patient to have a ViziLite oral cancer screening to increase their risk of early diagnosis and treatment. We make advanced dentistry like this affordable and available to all, so why gamble with your oral health?

Why ViziLite Works So Well

With this special dental technology in Port Washington, patients are getting a deeper level of care without taking too much time. In general, the routine ViziLite test takes only about two minutes to get to work. We will give you a special mouth rinse that causes the precancerous or cancerous cells to glow under the unique ViziLite technology. Why this tool works so well and is trusted by so many, is that it can detect issues in their earliest stages which is key with battling oral and all other forms of cancers. The entire process is quick, painless, and has the potential to help save lives.

More Than the Trained Eye

To provide advanced dentistry at our level, Dr. Straub and the team have exceptional education and training. If you put that together with some of the most sought-after, highly-effective dental technology in Port Washington, then you have a place where you can always feel comfortable knowing you’re in good hands. There are so many benefits to getting your ViziLite screening that range from early detection and a non-invasive screening to reduced risk for future oral and overall health problems. Aside from the other information we gather and assess, ViziLite allows for better recommendations and a quicker, more effective treatment process for you and your family.

ViziLite is saving lives. Schedule your oral cancer screening today!