Why are my gums receding? Recently was a

added on: May 19, 2022

Why Are My Gums Receding?

Recently was asked this question. It is a very important question and one of the hardest to answer in that there are many factors that can lead to what we call recession of the gum tissue.

Recession is a process where the gum tissues shrink away, exposing the tooth’s root structure. This is a gradual process and usually isn’t noticed until a moderate recession has occurred.

There are many causes of this condition which include:
1. Periodontal Disease – the body’s reaction to an infection in your mouth is a reduction in the amount of bone and gum tissue surrounding teeth.
2. Crooked or Misaligned Bite – When teeth aren’t lined up ideally, abnormal forces can be put on these teeth during chewing. These forces can cause recession.
3. Tooth Grinding/Clenching – The heavy forces one puts on their teeth during clenching or grinding can be associated with recession.
4. Tarter buildup – This buildup of bacteria will cause the gums to recede when it is allowed to form on teeth.
5. Aggressive brushing – Brushing too hard actually can damage gum tissue.
6. Chewing Tobacco – Will cause gum tissue to become unhealthy and recede.

What to do if you notice recession?

First, have an evaluation from your dentist. It will be important to keep your mouth as healthy as possible in the future so the recession doesn’t advance. This may require a deeper cleaning called Periodontal Therapy be performed to initially attain a healthy mouth. Sometimes, when the recession has reached advanced stages, a soft tissue graft can be placed to cover the root structure of the tooth and protect you from losing the tooth or teeth in question. A common sign of recession is tooth sensitivity. Prescription-strength toothpaste may be recommended by your dentist to treat this sensitivity. Use a soft tissue bristled brush to avoid damage to gum tissues and be sure to avoid tobacco products. If an incorrect bite is at cause, orthodontics can give you a healthier bite and a great-looking smile.

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